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BZOLUTIONS GLOBAL PVT. LTD is a leading digital marketing and business transformation services provider based out of kerala with branches in Coimbatore and UAE. The company is registered as a Private Limited Company as per the Indian company act and is backed by technical management experts.

BZOLUTIONS GLOBAL PVT. LTD offers a wide range of services in B2B, B2C, and B2G sectors, including Media Buying, Digital Marketing, Business Lead Generation, Online Campaigns, Branding & Promotions, PR activities, Event Management and E-commerce. The company has a proven track record of success in the industry, outwitting many companies and creating a separate niche for itself. The company's streamlined activities and quality deliverance have earned it a plethora of satisfied clientele.


Our mission is to help entities and people who are in businesses, professions, or are celebrities, as well as anyone looking to build their brand or promote their business through the right prospects. At Bzolutions, we believe that every great vision is informed by gut instinct, and every great and lasting organization is built on data-driven insight and a market perspective.


We assure you of our commitment to supporting each company's unique needs through competitive and organizational insights. Team up with us to avail of expert financial, economic, and strategic advice in complex financial litigation, transactions, challenges, and performance issues. Meet the people who know your industry inside and out and can help you drive your business to new levels of growth.

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B2B Services

BZOLUTIONS GLOBAL PVT. LTD's B2B services focus on providing marketing support to local businesses and event-driven campaigns. The company's cross-device and multi-platform solutions generate remarkable results for customers with small campaign budgets. B2B services at BZOLUTIONS are tailored to meet clients' requirements and include marketing frameworks that prioritize strategy, data, and insight. The company complements and supplements internal marketing teams, helping to raise visibility, showcase credibility, and generate qualified leads.

B2G Services

BZOLUTIONS GLOBAL PVT. LTD provides digital marketing solutions for various entities in the B2G sector, including corporations, autonomous bodies, service industries, production units, financial and banking sectors, and academic institutions. The company helps these entities achieve their marketing, PR, and branding objectives through process efficiencies, scalable technology, feature-rich business functionality, and customized mapping with government functions at different levels of marketing and promotions. BZOLUTIONS employs web-centric digital marketing tactics and analytics to enable planning and decision-making, ultimately delivering desired results with high Return on Investment (ROI) factors.


At BZOLUTIONS PVT. LTD, the focus is not only on finding solutions to clients' needs but also on training their resources to think like the company and work at their best. The company has a team of man power par excellence, and an uncompromising acumen for quality, ensuring that clients gain measurable value more quickly. BZOLUTIONS GLOBAL PVT. LTD is the ultimate strategy provider for accelerating clients' digital transformation through diverse services, creating strategic advantages, improving business processes, leveraging technology innovation, and enhancing organizational performance for leading multinational and domestic companies worldwide.

BZOLUTIONS: Providing Ultimate Solutions in Digital Marketing and Lead Generation

BZOLUTIONS is a leading business consulting firm engaged in Digital Marketing and E-commerce areas. With our technology analysis wing and research wing, we cater to the multinational requirements of a wide spectrum of clientele. Our activities focus on the global market, and we have successfully implemented lead generation plans and turnkey projects for various business verticals, including Travel, Tourism, E-trading, Entertainment, Education, Election and Political Campaigns, and more.

Our corporate office is strategically located in Thiruvananthapuram, India, with highly competent and experienced team members. We impart solutions using concurrent and futuristic algorithms, in tandem with the dynamic requirements of the industry.


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